Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori (BBIM)

Was recognised as a private ownership kindergarten in Baling, Kedah. With over 7 years of history in providing preschool education, BBIM have been thoughtfully designed to provide children with a full day’s worth of wholesome, fun learning and enriching experiences.

This kindergarten also is widely known among modern living parents who desire for better education for their children from the early stage. A kindergarten’s curriculum and system is important to ensure that a child receives affectionate interaction with at least one adult or a few of familiar people from whom they can receive intensive, personalized and predictable care on constant basis.

Main programme :                                                                                     Half Day – 07.30am until 12.00pm                                                                           Full Day – 07.30am until 05.00pm

By using Montessori Method & Reggio Emilia Philosophy as a curriculum approach to education, this method supports the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of child. Our teachers encourage children to explore and use materials at their own developmental level and pace. Our teachers thoughtfully prepare the classroom environment to invite curiosity and stimulate learning. By making independence choices, the child develops self-motivation, self-regulation and problem-solving skills.

Playschool (3-4 Years)


Why we choose Montessori Approach?

The Montessori Method is characterized by providing a prepared environment such as tidy, pleasing in appearance, simple and real, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of our children. This promotes socialization, respect and solidarity among them naturally. The Montessori environment encourage the children independence in the exploring and learning process. Freedom and self-discipline make possible that each student finds activities that respond to their evolutionary needs.

Children grow up to be confident, enthusiastic, and self-directed learners and citizens, accountable to both themselves and their community. They move freely throughout the environment, choosing activities that interest them or working with the teacher, individually or in small groups. Children movement is unrestricted by the teacher unless it endangers themselves, other people or their surroundings. Outdoor environments are important and offer opportunities to engage with the natural world.

Children will offer more than just academic skills. We will help them grow into confident, independent, caring and self-motivated people. The goal of our education is to develop the whole person; someone who is more than the sum of their test scores. Children have fun while they learn, respect and care for the people and things around them and take responsibility for their actions. This is true preparation for real life to the real world.

Preschool (5-6 Years)


(5-6 YEARS)

Why we choose Reggio Emilia Approach?

Reggio Emilia Approach one of the method we applied to all Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori branch. Incorporating this curriculum into our child care centres, combined with Reggio Emilia is the best early childhood approach to offer and provides a solid foundation for life success in early childhood education. We are child development centre not just a child care centre.

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool children around age 5 – 6 years old. This approach is a student-centered and constructivist self-guided curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The programme is based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration, discovery and play. The aim of the Reggio approach is to teach children how to use these symbolic languages (e.g. painting, sculpting, drama) in everyday life.

Children are viewed as active, capable and valuable members of the community. They are encouraged to explore, question and interpret the world during the first five years of life, as creating a solid foundation of experiences during these early years helps each child reach their full potential.


Why Choose Us?

Good Islamic Practices

We apply the pillars of Islam for learning in the classroom. The five pillars of Islam help children put their faith into action. Islamic values will help the little ones to be a good Muslim in the real world.

Educational learning programs

We help your child learn and grow through a balanced program of planned experiences and spontaneous fun

Individual Customized Learning

For children who are able to understand the topic earlier, will be progress to the next level. Fast learner children will be progress by their own pace. Compared to the standard method where all children must be taught the same content at the same rate, regardless of student progress.

Hafazan and Al-quran Technique

We guarantee that your child in Preschool will be able to: (1) Solat independently (2) Reading Iqra’ (3) Recite daily Du’a (4) Memorize Surah

Caring Educator

We select only well-trained and highly experienced educators to care for your child and become positive role models.

Reading Skills

Reading subject are taught through phonics activities & phonetic awareness. This method will help children fast learn and easy to recognized the vocabulary and speak better.

English medium

Brighter Brain use English as interconnection medium between teachers and student that will help children to enhance their skills language for their preparation in the future. This will help to develop their personality and creativity. Cambridge Assessment also provided at here for children.

Small classes size

{Playschool) Each class has a maximum of 10 children and supported by class teacher. The ratio is 1 teacher : 10 student. (Preschool) Each class has a maximum of 15 children and supported by a class teacher. The ratio is 1 teacher : 10 student

Well-Rounded Student Through S.P.I.R.E

Brighter Brain prepares children to be well-rounded leaders and good Muslims who are well versed in the are of Spiritual, Practical, Intelligence (Multiple), Realistic and Emotional development (S.P.I.R.E)

Conclusive Environment

The environment is clean, air-conditioned class safe and orderly, and contains an abundance of stimulating apparatus and equipment both indoors and outdoors.

CCTV System

All Brighter Brain kindergartens are monitored by centralized CCTV system.

Professional Staff

The staff members are given the opportunity for ongoing training and educational support by attending workshops, college classes and conferences.

Unique Experienced Curriculum

We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance your child’s experience

Parents Friendly Environment

We provide parent-school friendly for student success

Performance Monitor

Every student will be monitor their performance in education and social skill.


1. Upon registration, parents are required to pay a one-time non-refundable or transferable Yearly Registration Fee of RM250.00 (New Enrollments). A 5-days trial class is available to all new enrollments (RM250.00). Total Booking Payment will be RM500 only.

2. Upon cancellation after 5-days trial class, only Yearly Registration Fee (RM250.00) will be refunded to the parents.

3. Upon cancellation before 5-Day trial class, only RM250.00 (from Booking Payment) will be refunded to the parents.

4. You are required to attach your child’s birth certificate and vaccination record along with the completed registration form on submission.

5. A ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE prior to withdrawal from Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori is required, failing which; the name of the parents and students are BLACKLISTED from Brighter Brain Sdn Bhd.

6. All fees should be settled before commencement of 5th each month. Fees should also be settled within one week from receipt of notice, after which a RM50.00 per day will be levied on top of the unpaid balance. Receipts will be issued accordingly. Fees paid are strictly non-refundable, deductible or transferable. Freezing of accounts or pro-ratio of fees because of absence from kindergarten due to what-so-ever circumstances or reasons will not be considered.

7. Monthly fees will be collected each month of the year (January until November) included Public and School Holiday. Payments should be made by DEBIT CARD/ BANKER’S CHEQUE or ONLINE TRANSFER to Brighter Brain Sdn. Bhd. (Maybank: Brighter Brain Sdn Bhd – 552040110898)

8. There will be no make up time for absences due to illness, vacation or any other reasons. Any bad record attendance without any reasonable reason will be take an action (included warning letter and termination)

9. There will be no replacement classes or reimbursements, whenever the kindergarten needs to close as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

10. The Management of Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori reserves the right to revise the Fees Structure from time to time. Any policy, if changed, may be republished and distributed to all students and relevant parties.

11. Parents are required to follow all the rules and regulations of Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori. Students who are failure to follow School procedure might be terminate immediately.

12. As we do not have the means nor the expertise to accommodate children with moderate to severe physical and/or behavioral conditions (Special Children); henceforth we reserve the right to:-

a. decline admission of children deemed to need special care.
b. discontinue a child whose disabilities are detected only after admission.

13. Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori will only release the children to their Parents/appointed Guardians whose names appear on the registration form. Parents/Guardians should advise Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori in advance, in the event that the child is to be fetched by a different person (password). Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori reserves the right to withhold the child if and should the stipulated condition is not met.

14. Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori makes every effort to care for and cater to your child’s needs, whilst it is our duty to maintain a safe and conducive environment for your child; we also realize that accidents can occur. Thus, Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori should not be held liable for any accidents which may occur within our premises during school hours.

15. Brighter Brain Islamic Montessori shall not be held liable/responsible for any loss of valuable items. As such, children are not to bring/wear on them any expensive/valuable items/belongings.

16. We hope that you understand the necessity to include such clauses and trust that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by our terms and conditions.